It started as a simple swamp tour…

A member of your group is missing.  Can you find them in time?

You are enjoying a beautiful Louisiana swamp tour when suddenly you hear a loud splash! Immediately everyone in the boat starts looking around to see what happened and you quickly realize there is a person missing from the group, but no one came up after the splash. Someone else in the group points to a strange figure on the shoreline carrying what looks to be the missing person.

You thought they were just tales made up to scare children, but could the stories be true… Is it possible that the Rougarou really does exist?

You can’t deny what you’ve just witnessed, but there is only one way to be sure. You follow the trail to an old abandoned shack in the woods. The door is open and you can see your friend inside. It looks as though their captor has left, can you save them and yourself before this mysterious creature returns?

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