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In an effort to debunk the many conspiracy theories surrounding the site, Area 51 has announced that it will open it’s doors to small groups of civilians for tours! They have created a lottery to enter for anyone interested in a tour of the facility and the only way to get in is if your name or someone you know is chosen. If your name is drawn then you can hand pick a select few to accompany you on the tour, but their names have to be entered into the lottery as well.

Pre-tour interviews have revealed that the last few names selected were for civilians that had no recollection of entering. This has raised many questions with the public and the theories are growing rapidly. Could the lottery be rigged? Why would they be targeting specific people?

Post-tour interviews have raised even more questions. When groups are asked about their experience inside of Area 51 they all answer in the exact same way no matter what the question is. Brainwashed…? Coached…? Still in shock…?

Do you have what it takes to enter and find the truth?

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