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What is Unravel?

Unravel has taken a piece of the gaming world and brought it to life!  This is a team experience ideally for 2-6 players at a time.  Your team will be locked in a room with one goal in mind, get out before time runs out.  You will have 60 minutes to complete a series of challenges which, if completed correctly, will allow you to move forward and eventually unravel the secret to escaping.

I have already done a live escape game, will these be the same as others?

The games can have a few similarities in how they are designed, but Unravel has its own personal game designer so no other company within the U.S. will have the same games as us!

Can I Book an Entire Room?

Yes, our booking system is designed for groups of 2-6 players to book a private game experience. At Unravel we appreciate our customers and strive to provide a fun, unique experience for everyone without the awkwardness of strangers taking over your game.

How much time will be needed to play?

Each room will be booked in hour and a half intervals.  This will allow us to brief you before you start, give you one hour to complete the room and time to speak with you afterwards regarding your experience.

Is onsite parking available?

Unfortunately, we do not have a parking lot all to ourselves, but we are conveniently located downtown.  There are a few spaces available right out front on Buchanan and several public parking lots located nearby.

I made a reservation, but am unable to attend. What do I do?

Please notify us at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled game time for a full refund or to reschedule your time.  There will be no refunds for no shows or cancellations within 24 hours of your reservation.

Is there an age restriction?

While there is no restriction on age, the puzzles may be too demanding for those under 10.  Players under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

I am claustrophobic, can I play?

Although we feel that our rooms are of adequate size, there is an emergency key placed in the room during your game so you are never really “locked” in.  Alternatively, we can leave the door open should the group prefer.

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