You’re locked in a mysterious room with only one way out.  Do you have what it takes to escape in 60 minutes?

Looking for something new, exciting and different to do in Lafayette?

Live escape games are a new style of interactive entertainment that provide a fun and unique experience which combines creative thinking, logic and teamwork into 60 minutes of brain challenging fun!


Get your brain and pulse racing with live escape games.  60 minutes, a little brain power and your teammates- use your resources wisely!  Everyone is welcome from your inner circle to a large group of family and friends.


Need the fun and drive pumped back into your team? Escape games deliver a creative solution for your team to work together in a fresh environment.  See our corporate page for more details on our team building activities.


Think you have the mind for solving puzzles and cracking codes? Maybe you’re a pro at online escape games?  Come put your skills to the test!  Our live escape game will definitely give you a challenge!


Studying demands attention to detail with an eye for critical thinking and that’s exactly what you will need here.  Escape from school for an hour and fine tune your mind in a fun, demanding environment.


Put a little twist in your to do list and try your luck at something new. We currently have 4 different games in operation and can accommodate a variety of team sizes.

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For corporate clients looking for the ultimate team building day out, please contact us prior to booking your event to ensure we can tailor an experience to suit your needs.

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Getting locked in a room for 60 minutes may sound odd and you probably have some questions. We have listed a few of the more frequently asked questions to help put your mind at ease.

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Can Your Team Escape?

The aim of the game is to unravel the mysteries of the room and gain your freedom before time runs out. Locked in a room with just 60 minutes to escape, it will be the quickest hour of your life!

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Can You Beat the Odds?

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